I’m a huge music fan and I like most genres. There are very few that I can’t listen to. Every time I attend a concert I wonder at the diversity of people all gathered for the same reason; to hear music that speaks to their soul. That’s correct music speaks to the soul not the brain. We don’t think we love it, we love it because it makes us feel a certain way. So today as I was sweating on the treadmill listening to a song called rhythm of my life I thought was is the rhythm of my life. What exactly is a rhythm? Rhythm: repetition which creates patterns through predictability. If you listen for it, you can find rhythm just about anywhere: in a basketball being dribbled, raindrops falling, or hands clapping, and especially in your life. Rhythm is what makes music move and flow. Rhythm is made up of sounds and silences. What makes you move and flow? Do you allow yourself to be silent among all the sounds? Listen to your soul… it knows.