What is a holistic lifestyle?

There are four recognized aspects of wellbeing: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It is believed that what happens to one aspect of wellbeing can affect all other aspects.

A holistic health care approach takes into account all four aspects and focuses on how they work together to make us whole, and healthy, as a person. It can improve your health, create balance in your life, and achieve the highest potential of wellbeing for yourself body, mind, and soul. I help people evolve and gain awareness into their inner world while living successfully in balance with the outer world

I’m the cool, modern, hippyish Jewish mother that you wish you had without the guilt or nagging.  I can give great life advice, balance your energy, teach you how to live holistically, and teach you how to make great chicken soup and more…

Integrating no nonsense Old School Values for today

Guiding you through life transitions

How to incorporate essential oils into your life and home for optimal wellbeing

How to Consciously Multitask with Balance

If you are in the midst of a major life transformation, thinking of making major changes, stuck, looking to tweak some minor stuff or Just know something has to change

Anyone seeking help with challenges in their lives

Those whose who are struggling to move projects forward

Those who want to create an atmosphere of Flow in their homes, tidy home=tidy mind

Those who need motivation and accountability