“From our first meeting Luba really made me think about what it was I wanted to do. I learned how to get really clear and focus on my goals, in a way that I’d never thought of before. With Luba’s help I began to have the courage to take action on what really mattered to me and how I could achieve goals and ultimately find a sense of balance in all areas of my life. The weekly call sessions ignited a self-belief that inspired me to change my career path completely and follow my dreams.”

Cheryl Clarke

Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT

“Luba is a powerful life coach! She kept me accountable and sometimes it was uncomfortable but very much needed. She made sure I fulfilled promises I made to myself and stayed on the path I chose. I highly recommend Luba to anyone who is looking for clarity on how to get things done in your life.


Alexandra Eidens

Big Life Journal Founder
“The definition of a life coach is ” a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges”. Luba Yudkovich as my life coach is the perfect example of this definition multiplied by 1000 %. Everyone in life has personal challenges. With mine, Luba taught me ways to manage them and refocus on how to create my own happiness. Luba is a godsend, and an important and valuable person in my life. I can’t compliment Luba highly enough.”

Dr. Julia

“Through the coaching I was able to moved from hating my retail job, my managers, my co workers and had unsatisfying conversations with my family. To creating new and better relationships with my managers and fellow employees. I’ve restored beautiful relationships with my family and now have a whole new outlook on life. I was whiney, I thought things were about me and how could everyone be so cruel. I was empowered to step out of myself and stopped looking at what the world was doing to me, and decided to look at what I could for the world. Since my coaching sessions with Luba; I was hired as a cardio kick boxing instructor and have helped many students achieved their goals of fitness and happiness. But as of right now I am taking further steps in my achieving my own goals of fitness and happiness and pursue a career as a personal fitness coach. A Possibility I did not think I could achieve, that now lights a fire in my soul every day that inspires me to move forward and inspire others around me as well.”

Andie Bellingly

Fitness Instructor
I had the good fortune to work with Luba as my coach as part of a program that developed my self-expression and leadership through an individual project. Luba worked closely with me from the inception of the project through its development and various reformulations, conferring with me by phone and in person multiple times each week. She helped to ensure that I was fulfilling my commitments and enabled me to examine my work with a critical eye aimed at ensuring that it was meaningful; Luba’s supportive but rigorous approach to coaching allowed me to see for myself the habits that often interfered with my progress and she helped me to break free of them so that I did not repeat familiar and destructive life patterns. Luba was able to push me to tackle areas of my life that I preferred to ignore without creating a sense of conflict between us. I highly recommend Luba as the life coach who will make the difference you are seeking and allow you to live to your full potential.

David Wilkes

Real Estate Tax Attorney & Hotel Advisor. Photographer of New York City Water Tanks

“Wow and astonishing! That’s what I have to start with when thinking about working with Luba. When she walks into your world, your life is going to change for the better! She brings a calm, knowing confidence that is immediately grounding.

In our first meeting, her presence and guidance helped me to handle things that weighed on me for a long time. I was stuck and overwhelmed with how much I had to get done in my home office. In just a short while, with her help and kindness, I was able to deal with things that I hadn’t been able to get done in several years. I released things that no longer served me but I just couldn’t seem to let go of. She came to help me “organize” but it was much more than that. I felt like she was there to guide me and help me change my perspective on what I was allowing in my life. I wound up clearing out so much that I couldn’t wait to get back in there and do more!

Her kind, strong and gentle encouragement combined with her life coaching wisdom are truly a powerful and magical combination. She’s a gift. I can’t wait to work with her again!!”


Health coach and speaker

Having the privilege to have worked with Luba as my life coach, I have experienced exponential internal growth.

Luba never shied away from asking the tough questions and with her gentle guidance, help me work through some difficult memories. With Luba’s help I was able to discover my true life path and I am now excited to see how it unfolds!

Luba’s authenticity, unique insight and attention to the not so obvious is why she is able to connect with her clients so easily. She is honest, direct, encouraging; warm and passionate about her commitment to her client. I feel truly blessed our paths have crossed.

Rimma Elbert

I met Luba at a yoga class and i instantly connected with her genuine personality. After our first session, I felt very empowered.

Not only because of the welcoming and positive energy that she brought to the session, but because of the life advice that no one has ever taught me. Luba is very personable and honest. I felt very motivated after our session, and I apply what she has taught me in my every day life.

I learned mindfulness, living in the present moment, to always do things that l enjoy, and positive affirmations. I can’t thank her enough, and I look forward to my many future meetings with her.

Lisa A.