I recently spent nine days with my husband and kids exploring Peru—a beautiful country. I have heard about for years and was looking forward to seeing the famous Macchu Picchu. It was beyond our wildest dreams. What a beautiful country filled with rich culture, history, and a diverse landscape. The people are friendly, kind, and proud of their rich heritage. We traveled all over the country seeing a variety of landscapes; from the capital Lima, to the south known as their summer getaway and desert oasis, of Paracas, to Puerto Maldonado in the Amazon Jungle, to of course the most famous Sacred Valley where we saw one of the wonders of the worlds, Macchu Picchu. My family and I came back with a sense of growth, perspective, and life experience that helped us better understand and appreciate the luxuries that are afforded to us. We take so many things for granted;: paved roads, running water, electricity, and Wi-Fi, to name a few. Travel has the capacity to expand your mind and inspire you in ways
you never imagined.